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Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009 by Niki

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to start and maintain a blog dedicated to software development. Here I am making good on it only five days into the new year!

My other development related resolutions are:
* Learning a functional programming language
* Develop software for Android
* Learn to use a distributed version control system
* Contribute to more open source projects
* Go to grad school

I plan on using this blog to track my progress in these areas as well as to post various ideas, stories and thoughts relating to development.  On that note, let’s see how things are going:

A few days ago I started playing around with OCaml, a multi-paradigm (but primarily functional) programming language. I coded a small program that graphs Tupper’s self-referential formula to test out some features and libraries of the language. I also picked up a copy of Pratical OCaml today and I hope to be able to read through most of the book by the end of the month.

My friends Lee, Justin and I have started working on an Android project together. The ultimate goal is to create a PDF reader for Android, or rather a more general eBook reader that supports PDFs. The short term goal is to create a decent text file reader (that can read text files located on the sdcard file system).

As luck would have it, we are using Git to handle version control for the Android project. This should give me ample opportunity to learn the ins and outs of distributed version control.

The Android project is going to be open source so that by itself will be a contribution to an open source project. However I have in the past submitted patches to DWM and I plan on continuing to do so. Other than that I don’t have any other open source plans, but the it’s still early in the year.

Finally I plan on going back to school – specifically I plan on getting a Master’s degree in Mathematics. Originally I had planned on attending grad school starting this February but work got in the way and I put the applications aside. The goal now is to start grad school in September which gives me plenty of time to fill out applications and mail them in.

I’ll probably make several more posts in the following days before slowing down and settling into a more stable rhythm. I have a lot of ideas that I would like to write about and a lot of projects that I plan on uploading (such as the aforementioned OCaml code).

Oh, and please excuse the current state of this blog. This is my first attempt at using word press and I have yet to change any of the defaults.