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12am – a video game developed in 48 hours

Monday, March 9th, 2009 by Niki

I participated in the Global Game Jam with my co-worker Chris a little over a month ago. It was held at the Columbia Teacher’s College. Shortly after we arrived there was a brief introduction to the insanity to come, including a video from the guys that created World of Goo, meant to inspire us (and offering up some sound advice on how to create a game in such a short period of time). We were then given a list of design requirements. The theme of the game was “As long as we have each other, we will never run out of problems.” The game had to be completely playable in five minutes. It also needed to include one of the following adjectives: pointed, persistent or illusory.

After the orientation there was a mingling period where we were able to meet the other participants and form groups. To my relief there was a fair balance of students/enthusiasts and professionals, as well as a healthy mix of programmers, artists and designers. I was afraid that this event would attract too few programmers to be viable but my fears were completely unjustified.

Chris and I decided to stick together, and we eventually found a group of six people to work with, with a seventh on the way. Most were professionals in some capacity although aside from me and Chris, only one other worked in the video game industry. However we quickly realized that seven people was too many, as creative differences and [programming] language barriers were getting in the way. Eventually we split into two groups – our group consisting of four members and another group with three. Our group then split further, with one team member amicably leaving to join another group over creative differences. When we finally resolved the team formation issues there were three of us: me, Chris and Stefan – a Full Sail graduate.

We began designing the game. While we all had similar and complementary ideas we had a lot of trouble coming up with a cohesive design. Eventually we had a rough idea of some basic elements (using time travel to meet the five minute requirement, make a 2D game) and decided to start implementing the basics. I set up a Subversion repository and Stefan and I started coding while Chris dealt with the assets. We used C++ with SDL as our graphics/sound/input library. We ended up using two different compilers (Stefan used Visual C++ while I used gcc) which surprising did not cause any major problems. I worked on the time travel mechanics while Stefan worked on collision detection.

Once we had a code and asset base we went back to design. We ended up dropping the time travel mechanic and using elements of point-and-click adventure games (only with the pointing and clicking – we used the keyboard for input). We created almost a parody of adventure games – showing the consequences of entering someone’s house and looting it (a device all too common in the genre). In the end we had a dark, bleak story of a man who had lost touch with reality and with the one he loved.

With the design finally complete and only a few hours left we got back to implementing the game. By the time the deadline struck we had a fairly presentable (although very incomplete) game. We were awarded “most innovative UI.”

You can download the game and all the source code here, the official game jam website for our game is here.