Updated dwm patches

After becoming increasingly fed up with Ubuntu I decided to reinstall Debian. I had used Debian for a number of years but eventually left it in favor of Ubuntu as I initially saw Ubuntu as Debian with more complete repositories. At first Ubuntu was quite promising however as I diverged from the default install I became annoyed at some of the idiosyncrasies of the system. After attempting to upgrade from Hardy to Intrepid (which requires a graphical installer – and all the directions/tutorials I found online assume you are using gnome/xfce/kde) I realized that what I really wanted was Debian with some additional external repositories.

In the process of setting up my system I decided to update dwm to the latest version (5.6.1). There have been some significant changes to dwm since 5.2 including better multi-head support. Even though I’m not currently using a multi-head system the changes affected my patches and they needed updating. The new diff files can be found on the dwm projects page.

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