Android Development without Eclipse

I have owned an Android-based phone (the G1) for awhile now and have been meaning to develop applications for it since day one. I have finally gotten around to learning how. So far it hasn’t been easy for me: I don’t know Java and I don’t use Eclipse which are the primary development tools for Android.

Fortunately Google released the Android NDK, or Native Development Kit which can be used to program applications in C or C++ and be compiled for the ARM architecture. This introduces new complexities however. The NDK still requires some Java as the compiled code is executed using JNI. In other words I still need to learn a minimal amount of Java and learn how to interface it with native code.

Finally, most of the information online assumes the use of Eclipse. Google provides some tools for creating ant build files but I have found the documentation to be lacking a bit. Through some trial and error I have figured out how to compile the NDK samples and in my next post will present a tutorial for doing so.

Topics so far:
* Creating an Android project from the Command Line
* Signing Android applications

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